Lost Souls




DATE 08.12.2007
Mix Nots for Rockin in the Free World

DATE 10.23.2006
Mix Notes for Radar Love

DATE 10.23.2006
Mix Notes for Midnight Comes has been started.

DATE 10.23.06
Currently Mixing Radar Love and still mixing lol, greg needs to fix a couple words in the pre-chorus before we can finish!

DATE 6.26.06
Mix notes for Knockin' on Heaven's Door

DATE 4.26.06

Mix notes for Turn the Page.

DATE 2.26.05
Guitar Tracks for Ozzy's - Momma i'm coming home. Mix Down coming soon!
Greg's Gibson Les Paul - Gary Moore sure helped me play the leads more like zakk wylde. It allowed me to get a shake and vibrato like i have never been able to do!

DATE 2.27.05

Greg's laying down vocals on Ozzy at Little Dreamers place, woohooooooo!

DATE 12.01.05

Mix Notes for Godsmack - Bad Religion when Lost Souls Band recorded there cover tune demo CD. You can download music and listen to the mix.



Ok, so we figured it might be kewl to start a new page or 2. On the mix notes pages we are going to attempt to archive how we recorded our songs and the equipment and settings used. We will also keep notes for the cover bands and songs we attempt to duplicate for our demo.

Also, if anyone is interested in recording or having live sound done, this might give you a little idea of what Lost Souls Band and Little Dreamer Recording Studio's might be able to do for ya..

So, "stay tuned" and hang on for the ride, as this "phase" of the site is just beginning. Any suggestions for it are welcome on our message board. Tablature for the originals will also be available "some day". It might take a few days of being off work to be able to make time to tab it all out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol! View My Magazine Tablature Music Library also.

Please keep in mind that everything you hear on this site has been recorded in our bedroom and not in a million dollar star trek enterprise studio. This is why i will accept donations so that we can do upgrades on our gear and for the studio. Matter of fact, some of them will go for necessity's like strings! Anyone that gives a donation will be added to our new page called donations and we will acknowledge who gave us the donation and we will also put what the donation was used for. Guaranteed it will be used for Music Gear or something music related for the "lostsouls cause" !