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Turn The Page - Demo
LOST SOULS BAND - Turn The Page Mix Notes
4.26.06 Mix Notes  


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You can listen to our demo recording and mix of Turn The Page by clicking above.

Vocals: The main vocals on the verse were recorded with a Audio Technica AT4050/CM5 into an Art Tube MP and then into the ADAT. The pre-amp input on the Art Tube MP was set very low and we used the +20db of gain which enabled us to bring the actual input level down very very low and keep it very clean (this allowed a very loud vocal scream without any mic or tube distortion). We doubled the chorus tracks, which gave us 4 tracks of vocals! For the mix down, we processed the vocals in stereo with multiple processors. Lexicon MPX 1 was the main one, and we used a couple others and layered the vocals.

Clean Guitars: Stereo tracks. On the left side we used a Fender USA 40th anniversary strat with the bridge pickup. We ran the Strat into a digitech Wammy-Wah XP100 on pathch 30 to split the signal to 2 amps. The direct output of the Wammy-Wah went to our Mesa Boogie Trem-o-verb orange clean channel. We ran the effect out channel of the Wammy-Wah to a PV Ultra 120 on the clean channel. We angled the amps in toward each other and then used the Audio Technica to Mic up the amps. Yes, 1 mic on both amps about 5 feet away then sent the signal to 1 track. The volumes of the amps were set very equal. For the clean guitar on the Right Side, we did the same thing, but we used the second postion bridge/neck pickup for some added clarity. We used the mesa oversized 4x12 with the trem amp and mini marshall 4x12 with the peavey amp.

Distorted Guitars: 40th anniversary Fender Strat with hotrails into Mesa Trem-o-verb on the red channel. We used a standard SM-57 for the left and for the right track we used JMS's Mic and wrapped the mesa 4x12 over sized version cab with Foam to enclose the mic and avoid any wall reflections. The guitar solo was doubled. We used the mesa trem on the red channel with 0 effects into the mesa 4x12 cab for both tracks.

Bass: We used an Ibanez bass and ran it into the Behringer mx 9000 direct to tape. The bass tracks landed on the fostex at 16 bit. We added a slight bit of chorus from the lexicon mpx 1 to give it a stereo spread during mixdown.

Drums: For the drum tracks we used a Roland TD-8 digital kit. We were pressed for tracks so we only used the Main outs and used 2 tracks in stereo. We added a bunch of stereo reverb from the Digitech Studio Quad V2 to try and make them sound big.

Mixing Console: We used a Behringer 9000 for the final mix.
Recorders: We used a Fostex d-90 16 bit at 48 KHZ which was synchronized with the Alesis ADAT 20 bit at 48 Khz.

*The final mix was sent to the T.C. Electronic Finalizer plus, then to dat, then transferred digitally into the PC via the SPDIF port on the sound card and used the software sony sound forge to turn it into the mp3. I notice the levels are lower than the orignal Sonic Foundry Sound Forge Version when we run Normalization!!!! Not sure if it is a mix issue or a software issue yet, but i will keep you posted on this issue.

Engineers/Musicians: Greg Dunsmore, Jeff Dunsmore, Joe Sewanich, and Eric Cralle.
*REMEMBER - This is a Lost Souls Band home recording!