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Our Team Rocks! Meet the current Street team crew below.
Lost Souls thanks the team for the hard work and dedication.
Our team Helps make the shows and events happen for us!
Lost Souls Streat Team Rocks!  
Jaison at Easy Riders
  Can anyone say Superman! We need to make Jaison a shirt with a BIG S on it. JJ is a great multi tasker. JJ runs sound, lights, Transports the gear, helps us advertise and spread the word. He also has showed us how to play a couple of the songs correctly! He is also a musician! As you ca see from the pic, he has also captured video for us and pictures along the way, and some day we will edit the video's so we can share them with the rest of our community. Thanks for the hard work JJ, Lost Souls.
Jann At Easy Riders
  Mrs. JJ! Talk about stepping up to the plate! Janice is turning out to be a real asset. Janice helps Load, Transport, Setup the sound and lights. Tell us what else to put here!
Thanks for your dedication and help Janice, Lost Souls.
dorris At Easy Riders   George and JJ running lights and sound. They make a great team. George buddy, thanks for all your help with EVERYTHING. George has brought extra sound gear, PA systems, Light Systems and has really been a great asset to the team. Thanks buddy! Lost Souls.
  Well, we all know who this is right! T Helps with Everything and is da bomb with our graphics and flyers. Thanks T!

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