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DATE 2.26.05


Guitar Tracks for Ozzy's - Momma i'm coming home. Click here.
Mix Down coming soon!


DATE 2.27.05


Greg's laying down vocals on Ozzy at Little Dreamers place, woohooooooo!



LSB - Amps for the studio and live

Choosing the right amplifier for each song and track we record can be quite a challenge. We have a few amplifiers in the arsenal, some are tube amps, some are solid state (or did we sell all those), and some are digital, but we want more more more! lol. Even though we have recorded some tracks with digital processors, i will only mention the real amps here and we will list digital amp processors in the effects, studio-gear, and actual mix notes for the songs.

  • Mesa Boogie Road King (Truly the KING of amps and tone!)
  • Mesa boogie Trem O Verb
  • Mesa Boogie Trem O Verb #2 cuz we like em!
  • Fender - Hot Rod DeVille, 4 x 10
  • Fender - Hot Rod DeVille #2, 4 x 10
  • Randall Commandor 2 x 12
  • Line 6 AX2 2 x 12
  • Marshall JCM 800 2203
  • Peavey Ultra 120

It is fun to experiment with the different amps and get lots of different sounds and tones! We will keep you updated if we buy any more amplifiers.