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*THANKS TO: Jim Sidney from Gourmet PA Systems for tweaking my Mesa Trem-o-vevb for me. I think it ended up with a Nice Black Sabbath dark tone. Thanks again Jim, it was worth it! Read about his tube findings. I love my sovtek tubes :))! !

I sure wish Jim would post guitar amplifier tube info again soon!

1 take, ryh and clean tracks Les Paul Studio into the boss ch-1 into the mesa boogie road king and tremoverb in stereo then panned hard left and right on the mixing console. oh-shure sm-57 on the trem and shure sm-57 beta on the king.

leads-2 takes road king-Les Paul Gary Moore, sm-57 beta on both takes.
2 differant amp settings on the roadking for each lead track.

Bass tracks - We used an Ibanez bass into a behringer bass processor.

Drum Tracks - Roland td-8

Preamp-Beringer 9000
Recorder-Fostex d-90, 16 bit, 48 KHZ

Engineers-Greg Dunsmore and Jeff Dunsmore
*REMEMBER-this is a home recording!

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    Gregs Freiggen Mesa Boogie Road King Rockss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff's Trem-o-verb growls tone!
Boss Super Chorus ch-1 settings for recording