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DATE 2.26.05


Guitar Tracks for Ozzy's - Momma i'm coming home. Click here.
Mix Down coming soon!


DATE 2.27.05


Greg's laying down vocals on Ozzy at Little Dreamers place, woohooooooo!



LSB - Guitars for the studio and live

Lost Souls has many guitars to choose from When they Record. Some of the guitars have never left the home studio for fear we might bang them up in our crazy moments of live gigging. Anyway, here is a comprehensive list of guitars which we have access to.

  • Gibson Les Paul - Custom - Red Wine and ohhhhhh so sweet
  • Paul Reed Smith - (PRS) 24 fret 10 top
  • Gibson Les Paul - Gary Moore
  • Gibson Les Paul - Classic - Black Beauty Limited edition
  • Fender Stratocaster 40th Anniversary - Hot Rails in the bridge USA
  • Fender Telecastor USA
  • Fender Telecastor - Japan
  • G & L ASAT Classic Telecastor (Leo Fender)
  • Carvin V220S - Kahler Pro Tremolo Visit the Carvin Museum
  • Ibanez - 570 FM Japan
  • Jackson DKY FM
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio
  • Krammer Pacer Custom II - USA American
  • Electra Phoenix X150: It has the active electronics but headstock Looks like the orginal type with just the original logo and no phoenix. Ok ok, we put a Kahlor and Seymour Duncan 59's in the bridge, but we still have the original Bridge and Pickups.
  • Yamaha SPX 20C acoustic, electric
  • Alvarez Yari solid top acoustic, electric
  • Fender 12 string acoustic
  • Alvarez Classical
  • Yamaha APX8C Thinline acoustic, electric

It is fun to experiment with the different guitars and get lots of different sounds and tones! We will keep you updated if we buy any more guitars.