Lost Souls
LostSoulsBand - Bad Religion Demo
2.26.05 Mix Notes  


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You can listen to our demo recording and mix of the Godsmack Bad Religion song by clicking above.

Vocals: The main vocals were recorded with a Audio Technica AT4050/CM5. We used the Art Tube MP to pre-amp the vocals and warm them up before they landed on the 20 bit ADAT digital recorder. For the mix down, we processed the vocals in stereo with multiple processors. Lexicon MPX 1 was the main one, and we used a couple others and layered the vocals.

Guitars: The main guitar used for the recording was a Cort MGM (Matt Guitar Murphy) signature model. We layered 4 tracks. Two of the tracks were recorded with a Mesa Boogie Trem-0-Verb with an oversized mesa boogie 4 x 12 cabinet and the mic was a standard Shure SM-57. We did not have a Beta 57 at the time. For the other 2 we used a Line 6 AX2. By mistake, we used the speaker out instead of the speaker simulator line out! It was a big ops, but The Engineer liked the crunch when it was mixed with the Mesa. We then grabbed a 40th anniversary Fender Stratocaster with Hot Rails in the bridge to brighten it up and cut thru the mix which were also recorded with the Line 6 AX2, but in the correct jacks with the speaker simulation. These tracks are very low in the mix. These tracks landed on a 16 bit fostex d-90.

Bass: We used an Ibanez bass and ran it into the Art Tube Pre-amp. The bass tracks landed on the fostex at 16 bit. For the most part, the bass was mixed with no effects and we put a little boost around 100 Kilohertz.

Drums: For the drum tracks we used a Roland TD-8 digital kit. We were pressed for tracks so we only used the Main outs and used 2 tracks in stereo. We added a touch of reverb from the alesis Quadraverb to try and bring the digital drums to life.

Mixing Console: We used a Behringer 9000 for the final mix.
Recorders: We used a Fostex d-90 16 bit at 48 KHZ which was synchronized with the Alesis ADAT 20 bit at 48 Khz.

Engineers: Greg Dunsmore, Jeff Dunsmore, Joe Sewanich, and Eric Cralle.
*REMEMBER - This is a Lost Souls home recording!