Lost Souls

Music Sponsors

It is great to have MGD come to our shows and supporting us with Free T-shirts, mugs, keychains and especially for putting the beer on sale. (Miller Brewing MGD). It was always entertaining having the Miller Lite Girls there too.

As the guys were finishing up at rehersal and heading to there cars, they turned on the radio, tuned in to The X, and coming over the airwaves was one of LSB's original song "Drink Some Wine" Wow!! There is no better feeling than unexpectedly hearing yourself on the radio. 105.9 The X

Thanks to Nik Del Greco for having us at "The Coffeehouse" and performing live over the air "Two Fingers For Peace" to help raise money for 911.The station offered help with free ads and promoting "Lost Souls Rock Benefit For America" WDVE

Many thanks to Coors Light for there Give-Aways & Drink Specials. You just can't have a better time...COORS LIGHT... Coors

We would like to acknowledge the following sponsors for their ongoing support and helping keep things affordable, and keeping the flowing of Rolling Rock at Lost Souls gigs.

The summer concert series event made downtown Pittsburgh audience in Market Square the place to be. Locals gathered to listen to the sounds of Lostsouls.We look forward to rocking out there again in the future.

It was a highly successful & an amazing....in your face ....rock n roll at Easyrider Motorcycle Rodeo Event Tour 2005 with unforgettable gathering of people, traveling from all over.