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Greg Dunsmore - Biography

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Full name: Gregory Robert Dunsmore

Birthday: May 24th in Cincinnati, Ohio

Playing guitar : 20+ years

Bands played in:
Master Plan Band, Bobby Dunn Band, Eric Peterson Band

Gibson Les Paul Custom, Gibson Les Paul Classic Limited Edition, Gibson Tribal V, Gibson Studio and Les Paul Gary Moore.
Fender American Tele, Fender Japan Tele
and Fender 12 String Acoustic.
Yamaha APX 20C Acoustic Electric.
Alvarez Solid Top Acoustic Electric.
Jackson Dinky Flame-Top Sunburst.

Mesa Boogie Road King Dual Rectifier
with Red Crocodile Skin and Black Diamond Plate. Which lites the planet on fire!
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Trem-O-Verb with tan grill along with matching 4x12 and 2 X12 cab's and Fender Hot Rod DeVille 4x10.

Cry Baby 535WAH Pedal, Rat Turbo Distortion, Boss SuperPhaser, Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer, Boss C1 Chorus pedal and Rev 100. Digitech Vocal Processor.

Music Influences:
Warren Haynes, Metallica, Neil Young, Zakk Wylde, Counting Crowes, Jim Morrison, Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia.

Special Interests:
Surfing, Motorcycles, Vintage Guitars, Fishing, Pittsburgh Steeler Football !
Songwriting and Singing.

Greg Dunsmore's - Facebook - Here is my personal facebook page.


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