Lost Souls

Brad Tarcha - Biography

Brad Tarcha bio picture

Full Name: Bradly Robert Tarcha

Born: October 31st in Butler Pa

Bands I have played in:
Technical Difficulty
Hard Candy
The Johnnie Greco Band
Daze B4
And now Lost Souls


1-Ibanez 4-String
1-Dean 4-String
1-Dean 5-String

Amps: Carvin Redline R1000
Fender P80

Rig: Carvin 4X10 & 1X18

Effects: Boss 504

I started out playing trumpet in the 4th grade and played all the way through high school in the marching band, concert bands, lab/jazz bands, musicals, district-regional concert bands and orchestras. I also play piano and drums, but fell in love with the Bass when learning improvisation on the trumpet at a jazz band clinic. The bass was what I would listen to most and thought it was so cool. So I went and bought my self a bass guitar and amp when I was about 19 years old and self-taught myself over the next few years. Influences include Rush, Pink Floyd, Sting, Led Zepplin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who, to name a few.

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