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Download Original Music From Lost Souls! Free Music!
Now here is the cool thing....You can go listen to original sound tracks written and recorded by Lost Souls Band !!!
Lost Souls songs are Downloadable mp3's and you can download any and/or all of the songs. Make sure you spread the word and create a buzz about Lost Souls music.

Ashes to Ashes
Midnight Comes
Worlds Apart
Dream Taker
I Believe
Two Worlds
Love 4 Life
Drink Some Wine
Roller Coaster Ride

You can stream Lost Souls music here also

Below are Cover songs that were reproduced by Lost Souls, Lost Souls Style....Click on the links below for a taste of the Bands demo.

Cover Tunes

Metallica - Enter Sandman by "Lost Souls"

Poison - Every Rose has it's Thorn by "Lost Souls"
Neil Young - Rockin In The Free World by Lost Souls
Golden Earring/White Lion - Radar Love by Lost Souls GodSmack - Bad Religion Demo by lost souls
Ozzy - Momma I'm Coming Home - Lost Souls Demo
Knocking on Heaven's Door - Lost Souls Band
Turn The Page - Lost Souls Band Demo

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